Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

I had so many photos in my computer depicting this week’s photo challenge, street life, that it was very hard to choose just one to really describe this topic. Therefore I made a small B&W selection of photos that shows – in one way or another – this week’s theme. They were taken in different times in my life and in places as different and fascinating as Brazil, Egypt and Venezuela (my homeland).


Under construction – Caracas, Venezuela
Challenge A
Ride along – Milan, Italy
Thirst – Curitiba, Brazil
Challenge E
Street market – Cairo, Egypt


    1. Hello Daniel! Yes, that’s a very interesting photo! It was taken in the southern city of Curitiba, where I used to live. Thank you for your thought and for visiting my little space!

  1. like them all but the bricks one does it for me, all the shadows and contrast… is it a sign of something new to come or something old that is being removed. it is a very special photograph that can have many interpretations to it.

    1. The bricks one represents – for me – the construction… Something is being built in order to makes things better… It was taken in my home country, Venezuela, where there are so many things yet to be build and fixed and improved. This photo is very meaningful for me.

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