Threshold to freedom?

Continuing with the holocaust theme, here is one photo also taken at Auschwitz, Poland, which depicts the party’s slogan Arbeit Macht Frei. This infamous slogan was first used by German philologist Lorenz Diefenbach, saying that “gamblers and fraudsters find the path to virtue through labour”. So this makes me wonder that for the Nazi party no one was virtuous, except for them. And this kind of idea was also used in the USSR, with the Gulags. North Korea is a current example of that, where through “hard work” you will repent and pay for disrespecting the party and its leaders. And so on.

Threshold to freedom


  1. I have quite mixed feelings about ‘liking’ this image. I appreciate the image, but I don’t think I can ‘like’ it. I would dearly love to visit Auschwitz one day as a mark of respect, but at the same time I dread it. What was it like inside?

    1. It is very hard to put it into words. I can tell you, though, that I cried a couple of times, and I realised of the many horrible things that us, humans, are cable to do to each other. You should definitely go.

    1. Very powerful, indeed. This was the slogan the party used for the prisoners in the concentration camps. And this was something used not only by the Nazis or Russians during the USSR, this slogan is still in used in North Korea, was used in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge, was even used in the USA during the times of the prohibition in the 1920s.

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