The Singing Dunes I


Mongolia’s landscape all around Gobi changes dramatically and drastically in less than half a day. Before approaching the dunes (Khongoryn Els or the Singing dunes), we had been driving in the flat desert for about 3 or 4 hours that day then, suddenly in the horizon, you see the very beginning of the dunes (this is at 1100-1200 mts above sea level). But you don’t see how tall and big they are until after many km afterwards when you realized that to walk from the car to the bottom of the dunes it’ll take you some hours of your time, I don’t know. The dunes more or less end at 1500 mts above sea level. I never thought that the Singing Dunes – or any dunes for that matter – could be so massive.

By the way, they are call Singing Dunes because of the whistle sound that they emit when the wind passes over the dunes.



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