Gentoo through the looking glass

Gentoo penguin at Damoy Point
Gentoo through the looking glass at Damoy Point 64.8167° S, 63.5333° W

Gentoo penguins are everywhere and, unlike the Adélie ones, the Gentoos’ are taking over the Antarctic peninsula territory because they can adapt better and have different sources of food, and can build their nests in stone, grass or ice. They’re so curious and friendly, that it was impossible for us to keep the required distance of 5 meters. I remember I was in the spot right opposite to the penguin on the photo above with my fellow journalist (and blogger), adventurer and Antarctic explorer Amanda Woods (please, visit her travel blog Adventures all around for useful tips and info), who has photo and video stock of this awesome adventure that will soon be shared with the world.




    1. This is one of my favourite photos of that amazing adventure. I also thought that he was going to jump, looking intensively into the water, making up his mind. So far the best trip ever!

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