Icy Walls

Iceberg Graveyard I
Iceberg Graveyard I
Iceberg Graveyard II
Iceberg Graveyard II
Iceberg Graveyard III
Iceberg Graveyard III

Icebergs are these mountains of ice that adorn the Antarctic landscape from above the surface. Beneath, however, lays a beautiful and dangerous mystery; a hidden wall that have been the damnation of explorers ever since Antarctica was discovered. These walls of ice are impressive, both in size and power, and to hear them cracking is thunderous and flabbergasting; is Mother Nature‘s way of telling us that it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ever.



    1. Hey Debbie! Thank you 😀 I feel really bad because I didn’t answer right back. I was unable to access my account. But now, I am so happy to see that people really liked my shots! So, thanks for the support 🙂

      1. no worries Veronica. its hard always to find time to blog and respond and when the internet isn’t on our side… nice to come back and view those gorgeous photos again, so inspirational. i was reading yesterday that peoples obsession with health cures has caused a high level of taking krill from the antarctic ocean, which is now contributing to environmental imbalance in the antarctic……
        did you actually go to the antarctic?

        1. Hello Debbie! Yes, I did go in a 10 days expedition on a research boat that uses the money that we (tourists) pay in order to raise awareness about the Antarctic and its flora and fauna that is slowly deteriorating. I went between February and March, which is Summer time down in the south and the best time to go for the vessels. Are you interested in going? I can give you some tips…

    1. Hello Seeker! Me neither until I was looking at my portfolio. Icebergs are bigger than you can ever imagine. I remember that in this same trip the ship pass by one that was larger than the vessel, the iceberg couldn’t fit in the frame. Insane! So sorry for my late response, I wasn’t able to log into my account because I lost my password! Thank you so much for your comment and for stoping by my blog!

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