Around windmills

This is my very first post (in a long, long time) of my second attempt as Vero Supertramp. And I say second attempt because I, stupidly, lost the password of my previous homonymous blog without any chance of recovering it. I will not explain how it happened, just know that I have a very bad relationship with passwords in general. This first post comes as well with the very first photographs I shoot in a long time, in a very “Dutch” place during an overall good morning, with good light. 

The place is Kinderdjik (“Children dike” in English), it is about 30Km from The Hague and it comprises a system of around 20 windmills that were build in 1740 in order to drain the polder.

Of the 100 photos I shoot this morning, only five were the lucky ones to be published here and in my Facebook. Most of the photos are similar, but these ones are the best of the day, both in B&W and colour. I hope you liked them 🙂

Windmill 1
Windmill 2
Windmill 3
Windmill 4

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