An afternoon stroll: Amsterdam

Sunset after the rain in Jordaan

The Netherlands is not a country for everyone due to the weather issue:

  1. It rains a lot.
  2. Due to its position in northwest Europe, it borders the Norther Sea and, therefore, has a maritime weather: neither too cold nor too hot. And very windy.
  3. The best time of the year isn’t Summer but Spring.
  4. The nasty combination of wind+rain+cold is very common.

Now, the Dutch already know about these, but when you’re an expat you got two options: either complain a bout something you cannot control, such as the weather or just asume that the weather is like that, that you can’t do anything about it and focus in the things you can control. So, I’ve decided for the second option long before arriving in this country and it has been a lot easier to cope with everything.

So, by taking things day by day I’ve allowed myself to see the past the “crappy weather” and enjoy canal scenes as a pedestrian in this beautiful city.


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