Ephemeral I – Right after eating

Right after eating
Right after eating

While in Antarctica I learned how difficult is to get a shot of wildlife. They move fast or do nothing, and then you have to sit for several minutes – or even hours – in the exact same position to get that awesome shot. This one of the elephant seal was no different. They’re usually sleeping on shore doing nothing and being very lazy, until this big guy got up and started showcasing the most incredible burping display I have ever seen. And then a scared penguin was passing by, completely unaware of the whole situation. This was a matter of seconds, because as clumsy as penguins can be when walking, they sure can walk fast. Also I was glad I had enough memory card to get as much information as possible. I didn’t know I got this shot until I was editing, and I was so surprised and happy I catch this ephemeral moment of an elephant right after eating.



  1. Hi Veronica, this is a breathtaking shot. It was worth waiting for it.

    PS. I left and email msg to you saying that I’m home with a cold and fever. As I haven’t heard yet back form you I’m afraid you may have been waiting for me. Pity I didn’t have your mobile number. I’m deeply sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Not worries Lucile! My phone was out of battery and had troubles with the system ay work that didn’t let me log into my gmail account. I waited for you for a little while, but didn’t feel bad at all. It happens to us all. So, of course I’d love to meet you and move our meeting. How about next Monday?

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